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At TURN1 SIM RACING, we offer state-of-the-art simulators and cutting-edge technology that transport you to the driver's seat of high-performance race cars. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a beginner looking to kickstart your racing journey, our top-of-the-line equipment and professional-grade simulators cater to all skill levels.
Our team of dedicated racing enthusiasts is committed to delivering an unforgettable experience. We combine our love for racing with technical expertise to create an environment that is both thrilling and welcoming. Whether you're seeking individual racing sessions, group events, or competitive leagues, we have you covered.
What sets us apart is our attention to detail and the pursuit of realism. Our meticulously designed sim racing setups, featuring authentic steering wheels, responsive pedals, and immersive visuals, ensure that every turn, every bump, and every acceleration feels just like the real thing. Prepare to be amazed by the precision and responsiveness of our simulators.
But it's not just about the hardware and software. We believe in fostering a vibrant community of racing enthusiasts who share the same passion for speed and competition. Connect with fellow racers, exchange tips and tricks, and challenge each other to reach new heights. The camaraderie and excitement of the racing world come alive at TURN1 SIM RACING.
Whether you're looking to improve your lap times, host an unforgettable event, or simply experience the thrill of virtual racing, we invite you to join us at TURN1 SIM RACING. Unleash your inner racer, push your limits, and embrace the adrenaline-fueled world of sim racing with us. Get ready to ignite your racing dreams and embark on the ride of a lifetime.

Mission Statement:- Our aim is to have people experience an exciting and realistic motorsport atmosphere which will create the sensation of high speed thrills from the comfort of our lounge space.  We wish to share our passion for virtual motorsports and develop up & coming professional sim racers for international level competition.